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Better Bond

Assisting the client to obtain a bond, whether the bond is for a home loan or for building purposes, the aim is to help the client in actually obtaining a bond from one of BetterBond’s financial institutions.

Experienced BetterBond consultants advise you right through the application process, but this is not all – this whole application process and all the assistance costs the client nothing at all!!
The whole idea is that BetterBond will facilitate your home loan application, helping you avoid the hassle of doing all the legwork yourself. This makes life so much simpler in that you will then have only one person to deal with – and that is the professional consultant at BetterBond.
In a nutshell:

home loans caters for the new home owner.

Buying your very first home is a daunting prospect, and trying to do this all on your own can be frightening to say the least – BetterBond will be able to assist from the beginning to the very end – this is a service that they offer completely free of charge.

Refinancing your existing home loan is also facilitated by BetterBond.

Consolidating your debt – this is done by taking out a loan against your property – sometimes as much as the full value of your house , and all you then have to do is pay one account every month. BetterBond offers the client this service, saving them money in the long run, while clearing up any bad debt, while simultaneously assisting in improving their credit rating.

Need money for something important, or do you desperately have to pay for a new car, student fees, or repair your home? Why not take out a second mortgage with BetterBond? They will assist with the application process and find the best deal which is best suited to your pocket with one of their financiers.

Not happy with your present bond holder? Switch with BetterBond to-day!!
Get started now with the quick and easy application form for your home loan, second bond or switch!

Visit www.BetterBond.co.za to find out more on how to go about applying for a home loan.

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