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At Bondbusters insurance we aim to provide as complete a service as possible. That’s why we’ve introduced Insurance Busters (Authorised Financial Services Providers, FSP39284), an insurance arm of the business aimed at making even further savings to our new and existing clients.

While our team of mortgage experts will do everything in their power to secure you the best possible rates on your mortgage and or remortgage, our team of insurance specialists are totally committed to securing you competitive rates on your home owners cover, as well as short term and life insurance.

The BondBusters insurance division has successfully assisted hundreds of Bondbusters clients in reducing their insurance costs over the last year.

Home owners insurance HOC – Home Owner’s Insurance Cover

Since the introduction of the National Credit Act on the 1st of June 2007, individual homeowners have been allowed to shop around for their HOC insurance rather than be forced to have it with the lender of their mortgage. In the case of our InsuranceBusters division, this has meant that we have been able to save homeowners thousands of Rand by shopping around on their behalf.

Short term insurance Short Term Insurance

Whether it’s household insurance or vehicle cover, you can be sure that InsuranceBusters will find the best deal for you. In the same manner than BondBusters canvasses all the lenders in the mortgage market for preferential rates, InsuranceBusters investigates all the insurance companies out there to find you the best possible deal on your short term insurance.

Life insurance Life Cover

It’s never pleasant to think about unforeseen circumstances, but consider what would happen to your family if you were suddenly a victim of an untimely death. You would want to be sure that your dependants aren't left struggling to make ends meet, particularly if you are the sole bread winner in the family.

By using InsuranceBusters to secure your life insurance you can rest assured that the life cover you are using is going to meet the needs of your family if something unplanned does happen to you.

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